Washburn WD10SCE

Posted by Bob Feeser March 8, 2012


Here is a You Tube video of the Washburn WD10S which is the same exact guitar just without the Single Cutaway Electric like the WD10SCE has.
You tell me how it sounds. Turn it up. Nice to enjoy while reading the page.

Check out the reviews at Amazon and see it here


I hate to keep harping on this but Squier Classic Vibes have an equivalent in the acoustic arena and it ain't a Squier. It is a Washburn. Hand Crafted in China. Check out the picture. Guess the price.

Randomly read the reviews by a Google search. Here is a typical one;

Overall Ranking:
Overall: Sound: Quality: Reliability: Action: Finish: Playability: Tone:
Subject: Very Impressed
Quality: This item is MIC. The overall build quality is very good. The tuners are good enough, but not pro level (understandable for the price). I will replace them with Grovers, but don't really have to.
Sound: I'm a pro. I didn't expect pro level tone from this cheapo guitar. But I was very very impressed. That solid wood top makes all the difference! It's not my Martin, but it is bright, full, loud, clear. A nice "woody" character that more expensive guitars tend to have. I would not hesitate to play this on stage, and I'm very picky about performance tone.
Overall: I needed a cheap "spare" acoustic to save wear and tear on my 1976 Martin D-28. This WD10SCE claimed to have a solid wood top (not laminate like most). Built-in tuner, single cutaway for ~$250 bones. Well, worth a shot right? D*MN! What I got is a fantastic guitar!
Playability and Feel: Good balance. I like the cutaway a lot. The built-in tuner works well, it's not very granular, but fine for touch-ups.
Finish: Perfect. Wonderful.
Action: Action was absolutely perfect. Very very playable and inviting. I didn't expect it to be perfect, but it was.
Skill Level: Pro-Rock Star
Do you own this product?: Yes

Sorry for the long post but I compared this to the $3500 inside room at GC and the action on this was as good as, or even better than most in that crazy price range. The sound was excellent mid-range and treble, the bass was smooth but not as pronounced as some of the $3500 top end acoustics I played but get this; James Taylor plays a cedar top acoustic because it does not have the exaggerated bass that as he puts it, "Conflicts with other bass instruments when playing live". So with this guitar you start out with smooth bass and if you want more it is something that is easy to tweak with the built in electronics bass control, or EQ when recording, or your amp when playing live. Mind blowing guitar for the money. I put light gauge strings on it and play leads almost as easy as a Tele. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but it is true. I have not played another acoustic guitar that has this kind of action. A few of the $3500 guitars were in the same arena. Plus it has the phase button on the electronics which cuts feedback. The tuner is very precise. It has volume, bass and treble controls too all easily accessible. Plug it into your amp or PA with the included 1/4" jack, or use a good microphone in the studio to create dual tracks blending them together into one beautiful tone.
Ok let me make one outlandish statement that is sure to raise the hairs on the back of a lot of peoples heads but here it is because it is true. This guitar makes the Taylors and Martins in the twice the price of the Washburn range a piece of junk in comparison. Say what? Yes seriously. Go play one of these and then play the entry level Martin's and Taylors and Fenders, and Gibsons at twice the price and they are pure junk in comparison. I did just that. I don't know how else to wake up the complacent from out of their sleep but there it is. Sometimes love comes with a kick in the butt. After I got it home and tweaked the settings I almost bought a second one.

I only found one, yes one out of five guitar stores I checked and I believe that they don't leave them in stock because after playing this $249 guitar they would have a hard time selling the way more expensive guitars which is where they make all of their profits. So order one from Amazon and take advantage of their 30 day return policy. Believe me you won't return it. The consistency of quality on these is so high you can order one over the phone and feel safe. Remember you can return it, but you won't.

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These Washburn acoustics are made by master craftsman and are hand crafted each one to exacting specifications. As much as I love this country good ole USA I have to admit with Chinas labor rate being $1.60 per hour for an engineering grad or a machinist creates an incredible guitar and should be selling for ten times this price. Not every manufacturer in China is putting out a top drawer product but the Washburn plant is. I know it sounds too good to be true, but this is too true not to be good. Buy one and let others know what you think.
Don't take my word for it. Click on the Amazon links, read the reviews, and see what the whole world has to say.



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